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Oral Sensory Products

A range of products for children craving sensory input, and the input received from destructive oral motor grinding. Utilising alternating textures to provide additional stimulation.

Tactile Solutions

A range products for children who require additional tactile input, or the desire to chew or grind during stressful situations.


Products suited for the classroom environment, providing additional stimulation to aid in calming and helping to increase concentration.

Ark Therapeutic

Ark Therapeutic are a family owned and operated company. Every ARK product is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

With over 100 different products supporting speech & oral motor development, sensory integration, oral defensiveness, texture aversions, fine motor, drinking, feeding, chewing, and more.

Chewy Tubes Logo

Chewy Tubes

Chewy Tubes are located in the USA, offers 8 fun and effective tools for practising biting and chewing skills.

Chew Stixx

ChewStixx are a family owned and operated company that take pride in developing tools to make the lives of children with disabilities and their parents, easier.



Munchables is a small, family-run business located in Western Canada.

Producing some of the best chew-able jewellery on the market.

Children LOVE Munchables

About Us

Based in Essex, England supplying Schools, Therapists, Businesses and Charities across the UK.



Our Brands

Proud to only stock the highest quality brands and products from around the world.

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  • Chewy Tubes
  • Munchables

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